What's the biggest life storm you have faced?


The biggest storm of my life was when I experienced the stillbirth of my firstborn baby girl. Hope was elusive for some time while I was deep in the agony of grief. I have been through many storms since, including another loss of my fourth baby that I miscarried. My place to heal and process these losses and the hurts in this life have been at the beach. I have spent many hours of my life at the ocean walking and talking with God. He's a good listener. I am learning to be one. There's a point when I've gushed and emptied all the hurt out and then I stand silent and close my eyes and listen to the continuous flow of waves. It reminds me of His never ending love, power and faithfulness and my spirit calms. As vast as the ocean is, it's not as vast as eternity. I am comforted knowing that this time here is just a blink and my time in heaven with my precious babies, with my Lord and with all the saints is eternal. There's Hope.


Could you use a little encouragement and some hope?


Have you personally experienced the loss of a baby or a child? Or maybe someone you know is grieving and you want to help them through their life storm? You found the right place. I had you in mind when I penned the pages to my book that I co-authored with Dr. Gary Chapman. I pray you find comfort, encouragement and the tools you need within the pages of the book and through this site. I invite you to discover a new way to love through loss that will help you hold on to your love. In the process, I believe you will strengthen your relationships and find lasting hope!





How I healed after losing two babies


Dr. Chapman discusses how God can provide healing



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